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STOCK: BLM Mustang92 by SnowPhotography STOCK: BLM Mustang92 by SnowPhotography
Bay roan sabino gelding.
Norco's Mustang Million adoption, May 5th.
Ungentled, wild Mustangs :)

Please be a respectful artist and follow my stock rules below!

2. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE WITHOUT CREDIT. This means do not post this image on any website without a direct link back to my account here on deviantart to the original.
3. CREDIT on the image for off-site use.
4. CREDIT in the description of your art for on-site use.
5. CREDIT me in one of the following ways:, ht*tp:*//* (no stars), snowphotography@dA, if there is another way you would like to list my credit, just ask and I will let you know whether I will allow it or not.
6. MANIPULATE/USE/CHANGE THE IMAGE! This means, do not just change the color to make it purple, or black and white and call it your own art. Do something original.
7. NO gory, pornographic, racist, or other hateful material please. A little bit of gore is acceptable (scars, minor wounds, etc) but please be respectful. If you are uncertain whether your plans for this image might clash with this rule, feel free to note me and we may discuss it in more detail.
8. NO COMMERCIAL USE! Unless it is used as a reference. This includes, but is not limited to, recieving real money for virtual games, etc.
9. SEND ME A LINK IN THE COMMENTS, A NOTE, OR ON MY PAGE TO THE FINISHED PRODUCT! I would love to see how my photograph has been helpful to you :)
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